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Out of the passion for the mountains and winter sports, the love for the surface lift grew! For us, the anchor lift is the symbol of winter sports .


Behind the ANKERLIFT brand are Eike and Lena - two people who are crazy about snow and mountain lovers who prefer to spend their free time on the slopes - and who are all too happy to be "towed away".

Who needs heated seats or a hood over their head??
We just love it, old and reliable - that's why we love the T-bar lift so much! This is also reflected in our products. Timeless design meets proven materials and tailor-made products.






Some call it a drag lift, a t-bar lift or just a tug. He is feared by beginners and loved by couples. In addition, you are never alone, meet strangers and sometimes hear completely new stories.

The shape and color of the bracket evokes childhood memories and accompanies you throughout the entire life of a skier. T-bar lifts were the first means of transport in winter sports and will hopefully remain so for a long time to come.

Keep anchored!